New Cafe in Town

It's not often you find a cafe that ticks boxes when you have children.   I don't have a huge amount of boxes to tick but basically good coffee and a safe place for children to roam around is at the top the list. This little gem opened just before Christmas and it seems that... Continue Reading →

Wandering Stones

This week I was introduced by a fellow mum friend to a facebook group 'Hawkes Bay Wandering Stones'. Basically, what the members do is paint rocks and hide them in parks around Hawkes Bay (and further afield). They post on the page that they have 'done a drop', give some clues as to where you... Continue Reading →

Making a start

Hey ya, I'm Becks, Mum of two, Alex (four) and Frankie (15 months). I've wanted to start this page, blog etc for some time now for a number of reasons firstly. - I have learnt so much over the past four years since having Alex on the benefits of letting children play, especially uninterrupted play... Continue Reading →

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