Making Daisy Chains – A Poem

I recently read a book, ‘How Poetry can Change your Heart’ by Andrea Gibson and Megan Falley. Poetry is everywhere and like a photographer or an artist can take a photo or paint a picture to show beauty, a writer can do the same with words. We don’t need to be afraid of modern poetry, and we don’t need to worry about rules. We write in hope it resonates.

The other day an idea came to me about spending time with our children, how do we make time, how do we just be with our children. For us, we sit with our children when they are playing somewhere, most of the time they will play and then come back to chat, and then play and come back to chat and so on. I remember doing this with my family and cousins in the summer when I was young. This poem is inspired by just that, memories from childhood, as a teenager and then sitting with my own children in the backyard, in a paddock, in a park, chatting and making daisy chains.

Making Daisy Chains:



Lush green grass.

He loves me, he loves me not.

Finger nails tinted green;

Anklets, bracelets, and crowns for our hair.

Finding buttercups too; holding them under our chins.

“Who loves butter?” we ask .

Someone throws a handful of grass;

giggles, laughing, falling down.

Grass prickles our skin.

Warm summer days, lying in the sun,

Making Daisy Chains.

By Rebeckah Hunt

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