How to make: Simple DIY Eye Spy Jar

We all have that container of interesting objects, screws, ties, metal things, we can’t throw because one day we may just remember what they are off,  and everyone has a jar of Kinder Suprise Toys or something collected from the supermarket or gas station that the kids play with for all of five minutes before tossing aside but will dearly love the moment it is seen to be heading to the rubbish bin.

So instead of throwing these little items away, I made up an Eye Spy jar for Frankie, which Alex also enjoys playing with.   Eye Spy jars are so simple to make, and you should have everything you need in the cupboard.

I also find it quite therapeutic moving the jar around to see what toys I can bring up to the side of the glass. For older children, you can take a photo of the items that you pop into your jar.  Print the photo and see if they can find each item in the photo.  Below I will take you through a few steps to make a very simple eye spy jar.

What you need:

  • A Jar or bottle, glass or plastic.
  • Rice, if you don’t want to use rice,  dry sand also works well.
  • A collection of small toys and things such as safety pins, bread bag ties, screws, buttons, small colourful toys, bouncy balls or coins are just some ideas.
  • Clear Packaging Tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper and Pen

Find a suitable jar, I have used a The Collective Pot Set Yogurt Plastic Jar, which is perfect as they are large and plastic so it won’t break if accidentally dropped and you can also squish them, which is perfect for moving the little toys around.   21121953_10154596110426599_445225108_n

Remove the labels from the jar, and easy way to do this is using equals parts oil and baking soda mixed together to make a paste and then use this to remove the film left by those hard to scrub stickers.

Collect your selection of little toys and bits and bobs.   Take a photo of the items if you are making this for older children so they know what they are looking for.  You can also write down what is in the jar and use it in the same way.


1/4 fill the jar with rice or sand.   I did this over another container so it didn’t go everywhere or you could you a funnel if you have one.

Place a few toys into the rice, pushing some down into the rice.


Continue to layer the rice and toys until you reach the top of the jar.

Leaving a small area at the top so that the rice and toys can easily move around when the jar is sealed.

Secure the lid well.   If you are using a jar similar jar to the one we used you will need to secure it with clear packaging tape or glue.  The last thing you want is busy fingers removing the lid spilling rice or popping small objects into their mouths.

And there you have it, one very easy to make Eye Spy Jar.  You can refresh the jar with different toys over time as well.

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Becks 😀😀











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