Mud, Mud and More Mud, DIY Mud Kitchen

Guess what today is? – It’s  International Mud Day!  They have days for everything these days, but hey celebrating mud is a good thing isn’t it because well who doesn’t like playing in the mud!  Even grown ups love playing in the mud, they may not run around in muddy puddles at the park but they play in the mud in 4×4 drive vehicles, motor cross, rugby, hey they even host charity mud runs, getting adults out there running and sliding in the mud.

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook you will see my kids love mud and dirt, any chance they get they are in it.  Yes at times I think, ahh not more muddy clothing, not more muddy footprints in the house or a muddy handprint on the window.  I have learned to embrace it, we now always have spare clothing in the back the car because chances are if we are out in nature someone is going to get muddy.  At home, we just run a warm bath, throw the clothes in the wash and hey presto everyone is clean again.

So to celebrate our first ever official Mud Day, I thought I would show you how you can embrace mud at home because there are loads of benefits of letting your children play in mud and dirt, not to mention most kids will really, really enjoy it.

Here we go an easy DIY Mud Kitchen.


I’m not going to show you how to make a fancy Pinterest style kitchen that would take me days and dollars to make, we like to embrace thriftiness here and use items we already have or that we can find cheaply.  Also, I want something that any mum or dad could whip up in minutes and not hours.   At the end of the day, children do not care if the mud kitchen is going to make it into the next House and Garden Magazine, they just want to have fun!

Firstly I headed off to the second-hand store to pick up some old pots, pans, and other items.    A couple of good strong spoons etc.   Again it doesn’t have to be expensive and you may find things around the house that may be past it for use in your own kitchen but perfectly fine for the kids to have fun with.

Find an area in your garden that you are happy for the kids to make a bit mucky.   Our back garden is a bit like a wilderness garden at the moment, so I set it up where they wouldn’t get lost in the grass.


I scrounged around the woodshed and found two similar rounds of wood and then raided my husbands shed for a plank/board that I could use as a bench.  Again it doesn’t have to look Pinterest beautiful, it just needs to be usable, and not wobble.  If you have an old kids table this would work equally fine.  We have a low table that I will use in the future because I found that they needed more space to work.

Set up the kitchen in a way that they can see all the utensils and items.   I had a bucket of wet dirt and then a teapot filled with water.   We picked some flowers and leafy branches and had those available for decorating or mixing into the mud.

Alex and Frankie spent ages playing at the table, filling, pouring, stirring.   Alex made a star cake and decorated it with flowers and grass.   He is really into baking at the moment, so this gave him an opportunity to get creative in nature’s kitchen.


So there you go, this is very simple and fairly easy way to let your children experience dirt and mud at home.

So get out there and celebrate Mud on Internation Mud Day, and not just today but let them experience mud any day of the year.

Becks 🐾🐛












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