Grateful for my #mumlife

Reading a blog recently had me thinking.  A mum was talking about how she hated the monotonous routines of being a stay at home mum.   Many people agreed with her, sympathised and laughed but there was one lone comment below all this, it was a comment from a working mum who said.  “I wish I had that monotonous life, going to work means I can’t pick up the kids from school, a week of maybe not seeing them because I work late, a week of stress and not having time to cook good meals, time for homework, time for playing, and the list goes on”.

It made me think how I am so grateful for my #mumlife, how grateful I am to have this time at home with my children.  I am so grateful because if it was a few years ago, I too would have been the busy, tired and stressed mum who had no time with her children.

Even though some days my children drive me bonkers, and I text my husband near the end of the day and all the text says is ‘Beer’.   And when he arrives home he will have a beer and a kiss for me and he knows to go and take the kids to play for a bit and let me get on making dinner and drink my beer in peace.   Thankfully those days are fairly short lived, those times when there is a mountain of muddy clothing to be washed, floors to be cleaned, clothes to be put away, groceries to be done,  nappies to be changed I still can’t help but think I am really lucky, because someone or many people only houses away probably wish they could be at home with their children too.  So on those days, I remember to be grateful.

  • I am grateful I get to spend days with my children.
  • I am grateful I don’t have to keep deadlines and schedules and routines.
  • I’m grateful I don’t have to endure work politics.
  • I am grateful my children have muddy clothes because it means they have spent their day in nature.
  • I am grateful that time for us is childhood time, not clock watching and rushing from here to there.
  • I am grateful that they have food, clothing and a warm place to sleep because some children don’t.
  • I am grateful I get to bake biscuits with them even when it takes so much longer.
  • I am grateful I get to make pinecone birdfeeders, kites, paint rocks, find the end of the sellotape because it means they are here with me.

This time I have with my children won’t be forever, at some stage I will have to go back to routines, schedules and work politics.  But I cherish my days now at home, carefree and messy, crazy and sometimes frustrating, but I never want to be one of those old people who say with sad eyes and regret, “make sure you enjoy the time with your children because those days may be long, but those years are way too short”.

Becks  🙂








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