Earn Kiwi Guardian Medals while out on Adventures.

Recently I found out about the Toyota Kiwi Guardians.  This is a programme run by The Department of Conservation and sponsored by Toyota to get kids outside, exploring nature and going on adventures.  This is definitely something our family like doing.

Funnily enough, when we were at White Pine bush the other week my husband saw the Kiwi Guardian sign, but it wasn’t until I mentioned something a few days later that we looked it up online and found out how it works.

Kids can collect medals and certificates by going for nature walks, completing activities at home or out and about or by attending events in their hometown.   Once you have completed an activity all you need to do is go online to the Kiwi Guardian website, enter your child’s details and a collectable medal and certificate will be posted to you.   To claim a medal for adventure walks, look out for the code word on the Kiwi Guardian sign post on the walk, remember the code word, enter that word on the website with your details to claim your medal.

This morning we headed out to Pandora Pond to make a start on the adventure walks around Napier.   On the Kiwi Guardian website, you can download and print maps of the reserves you visit.  This is a great activity if your children are into looking at maps, Alex has just started showing some interest in maps and will draw maps at home or when he is in the car travelling.   We don’t have printer ink at the moment so he looked at the online map at home before we left.  There is also maps at both ends of the Estuary walk, so we looked at both of these and talked about where the different parts of the track were and pointed some the landmarks out.

This is a flat track and buggy friendly, it did take us longer than the hour stated on the sign but we stopped to look at a number of birds, crabs, signs etc. We were quite lucky to see a White Heron (need to confirm photos) feeding, which I have never seen before or at least never noticed (Amazing what you notice and see when walking with children).  I carried Frankie on my back most of the way because it was quite windy, however, I think half the track would be more than enough for her little legs.  We went at low tide today, I will take Alex back there at high tide in the next week so he can see the difference with the water covering the estuary.   If you haven’t walked this track before definitely put it on your to-do list.

Best place to park – Car park at the end of Humber Street, Ahuriri, Napier.

Check out the Kiwi Guardian website for more details on adventures in your town and adventures you can have at home.


2 Replies to “Earn Kiwi Guardian Medals while out on Adventures.”

  1. Have just recently discovered your blog and I love it. I live in Napier and have an 8 month old and I’m very passionate about emmersing her in nature.

    Did you get a photo of the white heron? Your are incredibly lucky if you saw one, as they are incredibly rare. Im very envious!!


    1. Hi, I have just posted a couple of photos on the @kidsplaynz facebook page to ask if it is a white heron. Looking at google of pictures of White Heron is looks like one, I should really get in touch with DOC because they would know if they are in the area or not. Thanks for your comments. I love receiving feedback. If you are able to get to Pandora pond over the weekend it could still be there. I think I will have to go for another walk too.


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