Creating Easter Traditions and Memories

When we grew up in the 1980s, Easter was a pretty huge event, back when we were children treat food such as chocolate wasn’t something that we had often so Easter was definitely up there for my brother and I.  I was the one who would scoff all my Easter Eggs at once and my brother would manage to save his for at least a week.  I had a friend who could save hers for months.  However, I do remember a time when she was showing me her saved Easter Eggs and she had found that a mouse had eaten them.   Take that!

We grew up in a Catholic Family so some of Easter was taken up by going to church, two sessions in one weekend, this is not fun for children in any form, and yes we did moan about it and we tried really hard to stall our parents for the session on Good Friday which was soo long.  However, if we were staying at my Gran’s and this was when I was much older we could sometimes get mum to get us fish and chips for dinner on Good Friday as many will know that Catholics don’t  eat red meat on Good Friday.

At Easter time we would usually go and stay the weekend at my Grandparents house in Otaki.   My mums family all lived in the area, so we spent the weekend with our cousins.   My Grandparents always set out an amazing Easter Egg treasure hunt and it is by far one of my best Easter memories.    When were still little and not old enough to read clues, we would have a string trail to follow around the garden, when were older we would have written clues to follow.   It was such an adventure and something that I have always remembered.

Creating childhood memories is something that I love creating with my own children.   It’s special to have some traditions that you do the same each year, children will remember smells, sounds and places or even a little memento that you only have out at Easter.

Below I will list a few ideas for an Autumn Easter traditions, you don’t have to do everything, just pick a couple that can make your Easter Weekend special.

  • Good Friday Hot Cross Buns – making your own is always so much better than bought ones.
  • Making your own Chocolate Easter treats, this isn’t as hard as might think. Chocolate moulds are very cheap and all you need to do is melt chocolate and fill.
  • Making baskets to collect eggs on Easter morning
  • Collecting Feijoas (nature’s Easter Eggs)
  • Easter Eggs Hunts, write out clues for older children, hide around the house or garden similar to the rock hunting, string treasure hunts for younger children. See above photo.
  • Decorating hard boiled eggs and then racing them down a hill to see who has the fastest one.
  • Have an egg and spoon race
  • Enjoy a big family meal together, celebrating the abundance of Autumn vegetables and fruits, think – Pumpkins, Kumara, Apples.
  • Going to a park or beach or some other place to celebrate Easter Sunday.

These are just ideas of some small traditions that you could do each year with your family or friends.   Making traditions and rituals for holidays always makes them more special and memorable.

**Above is a photo of my son Alex when he was two, experiencing his first ever Easter Hunt.  We took a length of string and wound it throughout my parents garden.  At the end, he had a surprise egg to open.

Love to hear what special traditions you had as a child or you do with your family now.

Follow along at or for more adventures with us.

Have a lovely Easter everyone.


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