Take a Kid Fishing!

On Sunday afternoon we tagged along with our neighbours and went fishing down at the wharf in Ahuriri.    It’s something we haven’t done for ages and I don’t know why because Alex loves it.   It’s also something both Chris and I did as kids too.   Even though the majority of the time you only get small sprats, not knowing what could be on your line is always exciting.

You don’t have to drop your line in for very long until something comes along, especially when you entice them with a bit of bread at the surface.   Before long everyone who had a rod in the water caught a fish.   Alex got lucky near the end of the day when he hooked the 15-20cm Wrasse that is in the above photo.

So what do you need for a trip to the wharf:

  • Fishing rod or hand line.   These days kids fishing rods don’t cost much, and if you don’t want to buy a fishing rod, a small hand line is fine to use on the wharf.
  • Small hooks – purchased from Hunting and Fishing, The Warehouse or any other outdoor store.
  • Bait. On this day our neighbour had some small soft baits that we tried, we also picked a few booboos (sea snails) from the rocks and used them. Otherwise, you could use Pilchards or even cat food.
  • Bucket for your fish
  • Bread
  • Pocket knife

It’s good to tag along with someone who has been fishing before, so you know where to go, have them show you how to tie hooks, tie the bait on and unhook the fish without hurting them.  If not there seems to always be someone down there in the weekend, so just sort of go where everyone else is,  leave a bit of room to move between yourselves and the next person (tangled lines are no fun).

Throwing out bread will attract the little fish up to the surface and then you can see what you might catch.



It’s great to have a bucket of sea water so you can pop your fish in the bucket and everyone can have a look at what you have caught.  Release the fish back into the sea when you head home, or it it’s a hot day you may need to do this sooner, depending on your length of stay.


Have a go, it’s a really easy and quite an addictive adventure to have on a Sunday afternoon.

PS – If you don’t catch anything sizeable to take home, there is always the Fish and Chip shop up the road.

Follow along at https://www.facebook.com/kidsplayNZ/ or https://www.instagram.com/kidsplaynz/ for more adventures with us.


2 Replies to “Take a Kid Fishing!”

  1. Hi Becks, just took the time to read all your blogs so far, (this was time away from rock painting you know) well worth it, love your style. You inspired me to do better, I think I do ok, but could definitely do better, at parenting I mean, sometimes I try to “keep ruby under control” which I hate doing, your blogs have motivated me to let it go and embrace her free spirit again. (I was great at this untill she learnt to run!) and re-evaluate my patience levels! We get outdoors heaps, and fishing is something we have been meaning to do, question how did you cope with child on move, heights, water etc? Don’t get me wrong, I am not cotton wool mothering, but my heart rate goes up and she senses weakness so any tips for safety control here would be appreciated! Really liked the awatoto reserve blog as well, did not know it had been revamped so will be checking in there. Sorry, writing my own blog, but did want you to know I enjoyed your postings.


    1. Hi Lani-Marie, Thank you for your comment, it means a lot when people take time to write back to me, so thanks heaps. As for the safety around heights and water, I think it’s important to talk to your children about where they are going, maybe go for a visit to the wharf first without fishing rods so you can gauge how they are going to be around the water and heights. As a family we spend a lot of time around water, so we have spent a good amount of time talking to our children about water safety. When we are fishing we sit with our children or stand next to them, we let them control the fishing line and only help when needed. I think short trips work well, so then they don’t get over it. Some children will love it, others won’t enjoy it. It was the first time taking Frankie, she is 17 months, I put her in a carrier on my back for the majority of the time, but she did get down and explore for a little bit and have a go of the fishing rod. Hope this helps a bit.



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