Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble

Last week we were lucky to be selected by Kidspot and Ecostore to review the new Ecostore for kids  Double Trouble Bubble Maker Bubble Bath and Foam to the Max 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash

I had been hoping I would be selected to try these out because Alex hates his hair being washed.    Pretty much his hair is rinsed, and on the odd time when he may have got filthy from mud and sand and it needs a good wash, it’s all hands on deck to try and get it done without too many tears or shampoo going in his eyes.

So on Saturday morning when the postman turned up, we were all very excited to open our package.   As soon as you open the bottle the smell of sweet juicy pear greats you, it’s divine.   Not that I don’t love Ecostore’s Lavender Baby/kids products, I love lavender, but I think the pear is more child-friendly.   It also smells natural unlike other branded bath products for babies and children, yes even ones that claim they are natural and safe usually smell like chemicals.

First off we tried the Double Trouble Bubble Maker.   I popped a few squirts in under the tap and let it do its thing.  It definitely lives up to its name, there are lots of bubbles, Alex walked into the bathroom and said “Wow look at all those bubbles”   I would say it’s one of the bubbliest bubble baths we have had in a while.  The bubbles also lasted the whole time the kids were in the bath, which ended up being a good 20-30 minutes.

Midway through having a bath, Alex suggested that he should wash his hair (this kid never says that) so taking his lead I suggested that we use his new Foam to the Max 3 in 1.  He was a bit hesitant but I said “let’s just give it a go”  As soon as he realised when he pushed the pump bottle and out came foaming shampoo he was sold, “I love this mum”   he happily shampooed his hair, styled it into the obligatory mohawk and then lay back in the bath and washed it out.  He was so excited that he wanted to wash his hair again and he is very excited to show his dad how he can wash his hair by himself now.

I love how the pump bottle is easy for kids to pump out themselves and it has a locking device on it so if you take it away on holiday it won’t leak out.   Also the fact it is a 3 in 1.  You don’t have to have a separate body wash and shampoo/conditioner.    Ecostore products are made from plant and mineral based ingredients so there are no nasties. Their products are Cruelty and GE free and also use a renewable sugarcane plastic for their bottles which is a whole lot more sustainable than your petroleum-based plastic. I read Malcolm Rands book a few years ago, where they have come from, to now is impressive. They really do walk the talk and it is a great kiwi company to support, check out the website below if you want to know more about them.


Thanks again Kidspot and Ecostore.

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