Putting Down my Phone Camera

Resolutions!     I have never really been into making New Year resolutions because I figured if I wanted to change something, I could change it at any time, not just at the start of the year.  However last year I made a new years resolution to “live greener” it was a broad resolution but ultimately I wanted to be more conscious of what I was dumping onto our planet. I also wanted it to be a sustainable change, that I would be able to continue and not give up in a few weeks because it became “too hard”.

So this year again my resolution was to not give up something but to try and do something different.   So this year I am ‘putting down my phone camera’ and ‘picking up my real camera’.  I figured if I was writing a blog about Play and recording memories of my children I needed to be more present and observant in what they are doing.   Like so many parents (if you want to admit it or not) these days, we use our cell phones far too much in the presence of our little ones.   When we have our faces glued to our cell phones we actually miss out on seeing and observing our children playing, and this is the play where there is no adult intervention, they start playing make-believe, they change loose parts into massive constructions, they line objects up from smallest to largest. You will see how they interact with a baby doll or a teddy. You will see that they can climb a tree without your help.  These are the special moments that you don’t want to miss and these are the moments that you can capture on a camera because you are still present in the child’s play, but removed enough that they play naturally.

So it began, I started taking photos with a real camera.   It’s only a few weeks in, but already I have noticed how much more I have learnt about my children.   I love following their lead and I am more conscious of what they are enjoying and not moving them onto something else.   It also makes you realise you don’t have to take photos of them doing everything and that sometimes bringing the camera into the equation is going to be intrusive.

If you want to take a challenge or a February resolution, give it a go, put down your cell phone camera and start using your real camera.  I’d love to hear your feedback and see your photos.  #kidsplaynzusingmyrealcamera

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