Breathing in, Breathing out; Nature Prepares us.

I feel like this week we have been thrust into the middle of winter with a Southerly cold snap, the kids both have colds and after our beautiful long weekend away at Motutere Bay where it was so warm that I went for a proper swim without a wetsuit, I feel slightly deflated. Along with... Continue Reading →

Cheats Caramel Slice

I love caramel slice, but trying to make the caramel and not burn it or have lumps in it I find impossible. I don't know why I haven't thought of this before, but seeing a can of ready to use caramel in the cupboard sparked some cheating creativity. You could use any base for your... Continue Reading →

Winter Nights Salve

Winter Solstice has been and gone and the temperature has plummeted over the past week with the first dumps of snow, winter is well and truly here. With that winter colds have come along, I sort of thought we would have a bit of a reprieve this year, but maybe not. I think everyone has... Continue Reading →

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